Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dock on Lake Austin

Dock on Lake Austin, 6 x 8

We finally had some rain this morning to cool things off and give us some relief from the heat. Another popular way to beat the heat here in Austin is, of course, Lake Austin, and this dock is a good entry point for those at Emma Long Park.  

On another note, I wanted to mention that I'm going to have work in three shows over the summer.  One is a juried show with Austin Art Space called "What Texas Means to Me," another is Plein Air Austin's annual show, and the third is a solo show up in Ashland, Oregon, at Weisinger's Winery.  The openings for the first are on July 11th and 12th, respectively, and the third is August 15.   I've completed pieces for the first two, but am still working on some for the show at the winery--and very much looking forward to all three!

-julie davis


LSaeta said...

Holy smokes! Three shows is awesome! I am not surprised as your work is really great. Congrats!

John Weisinger said...

I was not going to comment today as I am so busy. However, I love the RED in the buoy. I like the dock as well. Nice piece of work!


Angela Elledge said...

Beautiful way to beat the heat here in TX. Enjoy the rain and the cooler temps this will bring, we had the same rain a couple of days ago and it really cooled things off for a couple of days, but today we're back to "normal"

Congrats on the 3 shows. I hope you will post pictures of your shows, I know I would love to see them and am sure the other bloggers out there would love to see them, too. Take care.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

This is gorgeous. Congratulations on the shows. That will be wonderful. Wish I was in your part of the world for these exhibitions.


Laurel Daniel said...

Great composition... the buoys take me right in and I just want to stay!

Stephen Parker said...


This is wonderful. I thought "Emma Long" immediately, as we used to drive out to that very spot when I was little, back in the 60s. The values and colors are terrifically convincing and inviting.

Sharon Hodges said...

Congratulations! Three shows is just terrific! You deserve the attention.