Thursday, June 25, 2009

95 and Sunny

95 and Sunny, 6 x 8

This one just struck me as hot. Perhaps it's the 105 degree heat we're suffering through in Austin right now, because it wasn't 95 when I took the photo I used for this painting. I'm playing around with different compositions of the same subject--I like this one as well as the 6 x 6 I did a few days back. Maybe it's the subject matter--anything along these lines appeals to me!

-julie davis


Kerri Settle said...

I like both too though I know I'm personally a sucker for a square format. You've certainly captured the warmth of a summer day!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Sweet!!! I cannot believe you have been painting only 3 years.

Laurel Daniel said...

This is such a great way to explore a subject! Great job!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

This does feel hot. It's been about 90 here, and I find it unbearable. We have the AC on full time, and I'm trying to remember winter and how nice it would have been to be warm.

This painting makes heat look wonderful. You are just so good.


julie davis said...

Thank you all. Yesterday WAS hot--107! I think today is the same.

Carol, I should clarify--I took one painting class in the Fall 2006 and went twice (sick kids, etc.) In the Spring of '07 I signed up for one of Laurel's classes, and haven't stopped. Since January 29 of this year I've been painting nearly every day, and Barbara, I agree, I couldn't do it nearly as often if I weren't painting at home!

Gwen Bell said...

Scrolled back down to look at the first one. They are both so good, but I like the highlight on the barn in this one. You are sooooo good!

Angela Elledge said...

Yes hot, the side of the barn is glowing in this hot summer heat. This one brought back happy memories of my grandfather's old barn in SW Louisiana.

José said...


A demonstration of the importance of values and how a "simple" painting can look so good.

Kind regards,