Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunrise On Western Lake

Sunrise On Western Lake, 6 x 8

Well those of you who were so impressed that I was painting and blogging on vacation spoke too soon! I've been unable to post for a while because the Internet connection went down in the home we were in for the we're home and I can catch up! I did continue to paint despite the inability to post, so I was here in spirit.

I painted this one on Friday morning as the sun was peeking through the trees, before my family awoke (not hard with teens). I'd seen this group of five trees from our second floor porch, and they kept catching my eye until I painted them. These greens are a challenge to photograph--I have a bit too much reflection here, but you get the idea.

-julie davis


Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

I love these trees. Super job. I
didn't know your children are teenagers. Yes those teens are usually great sleepers. Beautiful work.


LSaeta said...

This reminds me of a painting I bought a few years ago by Penley. I think the trees are wonderful and I like the symmetry. Fabulous!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Spectacular painting, Julie!

L.Holm said...

Beautiful, Julie! Hope you're having a good vac.
glad internet access is back....

Laurel Daniel said...

THis is wonderful, I love the trees and your treatment of them. I am still impressed and can not wait to see the rest of your FL pieces! XOXO