Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ranch Road

Ranch Road, 8 x 10

Today I did a little larger version of the "Road to the Ranch" that I posted a few days back. I like it expressed in this format, too, though I didn't do justice to the road, which is fairly well important to the painting! In defense of not doing as well as I'd liked, I did start painting mid-afternoon with three kids in and out, have to stop for an hour to go pick up three teens at the movies, then come back to hurry to complete it to clean up and go to a friend's new home. More than I typically like to deal with in the middle of painting, but I figure it challenges me and somehow, will prove beneficial later!

-julie davis


Laurel Daniel said...

All those distractions and still a completed, wonderful painting!

LSaeta said...

It's lovely Julie. You would never know you were dealing with teenagers while painting this!

Victor Errington said...

Hi Julie.
This is a powerful painting,and
it leads anybody along that path
and through the trees which are
stark and brilliant.I do know the
feeling when you are trying to
paint with a lot of distraction.
Well done and all the best.

Gwen Bell said...

What a beautiful piece! I think the road looks wonderful. Love that splash of peach and the blue shadow. It is even more impressive to know that you had all the distractions along the way.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

As usual you need no defense -- the problem is only in your perception. I sympathize with you with the home studio -- but for me it's the only way to go. Cats, the dog, my husband, my sons, friends -- the place is always jumping -- but in the still hours I can paint any time I want to. That's the bonus -- not having to get in the car, or on a bus when a flash of insight hits.

Beautiful painting as always.