Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Western Lake Marsh

Western Lake Marsh, 6 x 8

For a while I'll be posting paintings done from photographs from our trip. All the previous FL ones were plein air, but there are a few scenes I wanted to paint but didn't have the time to get back to in person This is one such scene, and I hope maybe next time we're there I'll be able to go back and paint it from life. I just loved these marsh grasses--especially in large masses---they become a beautiful neutral carpet adjoining the water.

-julie davis


Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

I love the marsh grasses too, and your lyrical trees. Sooo Good.


LSaeta said...

Very well done. I do hope you get a chance to get back to this spot and paint more!

John Weisinger said...

Morning, your paintings seem much more rustic than the Watercolor website portrays the area. I like your way of seeing it better!


Laurel Daniel said...

Another great one! Looks like y'all had a fabulous time - and what a great way to return!! :)