The following are a few of the questions I am asked most often.  If I have not answered your question here, please get in touch!  I may even add yours to the list....

Painting surface?
Most often, I paint on panels.  I like the resistance, sunlight doesn't show through panels outside, panels are more portable, storable, a breeze to frame, and I have found companies that sell some that I really like. Usually, I will opt for linen on panel, but canvas mounted on panel is also fine if I don't have linen on hand.

Wind River Arts - linen 359 on birch (windriverarts.com)  
*for travel, I like the gatorfoam boards
RayMar - cotton (raymarart.com)

Gamblin, and a few Vasari.

Larger work?
The sizes I most often work with other than the 6" x 8" studies you see are 9" x 12", 11" x 14", 16" x 20".  I'm working toward doing larger pieces, but it is a function of time for me right now, as all of my work is done alla prima, (in other words, is completed within one painting session, while the paint is still wet).

What's with "NFS"?
"Not For Sale."  Unfortunately, I have to do this with a portion of my studies, or I won't have any reference material for studio work.  If you're interested, do ask, or keep an eye on my blog, because some of those studies go up for sale when I am finished with them.

So you own a gallery, too?
No.  I just share a name with the gallery that represents me here in Austin. That's all.  No relation.  And it's a compliment to be associated with Davis Gallery either way!

Plein air or studio?
Both.  I love plein air painting, and get outside as often as possible.  I've been taught and firmly believe that nature is the best teacher--there is nothing comparable to gathering information and training yourself outside.  I do have a studio, though, and am in it quite a bit.  There, I take plein air studies and create larger pieces, or do painting exercises or studies designed to teach myself something specific that I want to learn.

Current prices?
6" x 8"     $120, unframed
8" x 10"    $650
9" x 12"    $650
11" x 14"  $750
12" x 16"  $850
16" x 20"  $980
*all prices include frames unless specified; tax and shipping, if applicable, are additional, and prices are subject to change

Not at the moment.  My husband and three high school and college-age children are my top priority right now, and my time is committed enough between them and the art that I do find the time to create.

Do you teach?
Not at the moment, though I may have plans to change that soon. I feel strongly that I am still learning--so much so that I'd sidetrack myself if I tried to go there. The answer as above applies here, as well....

painting in the Quick Draw at Kerrville Outdoor Painters' Event, 2012