Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Substitute

The Substitute, 6 x 8

Today we began Laurel Daniel's plein air class for this semester--except that it rained all day, so today we painted inside and studied value planes. Interestingly enough, it was an invaluable lesson! She took us slowly through the development of a landscape, concentrating on making sure we were accurately recording the values in the four planes of a landscape (sky, ground, slant, verticals). Laurel gave us each a copy of this photo from which to work--"The Substitute" fits because we painted from a photo, instead of outside. (It's late, clever is not easy). : )

-julie davis


Angela Elledge said...

Substitute is a perfect title, sometimes you don't have to be clever, the titles just fit naturally. I, and many others, would love to do a workshop with Laurel; does she ever teach outside of Austin?

julie davis said...

Angela, she doesn't that I know of, but maybe could be coaxed to Salado someday? Andreeva Academy there has a good thing going, but she teaches so often here that she may have all she wants.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

This is beautiful. It is raining and cold here. Laurel's class sounds wonderful.