Friday, October 16, 2009

I Take Thee, Clementine....

I Take Thee, Clementine...., 6 x 8

Clementines are fun to paint. I love their round, squatty form--so relaxed, but so colorful. OK, maybe I've gone off the deep end or inhaled too many paint fumes. Still, they're what I gravitate toward when I want to relax and just paint an uncomplicated still life.

-julie davis


Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

I'm enjoying this still life series.
Fruit is so expressive.


LSaeta said...

I love the orange and the paintnig just makes me smile. It is wonderful.

Stephen Parker said...

Julie, you did a great job on the value range present in the betrothed and officiating cleric:)

The intensity of the reds and oranges and the hard highlights leave no doubt about their being clementines.