Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Lecture

The Lecture, 11 x 14

No matter whether it's a teacher or parent giving the lecture, the recipient's look is often the same. This pear just looked like it was giving some advice to some not-so-enthused clementines. (And, yes, this is a Taylor's Gold). I'm still enjoying the dark backgrounds, though this time I went with a lighter foreground--I'm finally feeling like I have it (almost) together again. :)

-julie davis


Trish Siegel said...

Julie, I really love these dark backgrounds! There is so much depth and richness to this painting. I too have witnessed this not-so-enthusiastic expression, on more than a few occasions. Expect a call for coffee soon!

LSaeta said...

Your dark background really makes the fruit stand out. And your colors are wonderful! Nicely done!

susan hong-sammons said...

Love hearing "the story" behind your painting. (also really like the painting particularly your design and clean clean strokes)

Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

I like the drama of the dark background. A lovely painting.