Wednesday, April 1, 2009

County Line

County Line, 9 x 12

Austin's spring weather is usually amazing.  Today we had some overcast skies, but it was generally no exception.  Add to that a beautiful site to paint, and it makes for a pretty great day for a painter.  Class met today at the lakeside County Line restaurant, known for its great bar-b-que, and possibly for it's fantastic setting as well.  One of the most challenging things about painting plein air to me, is getting the right colors on the canvas.  With the partly cloudy skies, the light changes so often I find it difficult to "see" what I've got.  I was surprised a bit when I came home and saw this inside, mostly by the competing values at the back--they were much different outside, but I'm learning!

-julie davis

And....I have to thank my mentor and friend, Laurel Daniel, for awarding me the "Passion for Painting" award.  Laurel's work inspires me every day--please visit her blog to see what she's up to--she shows locally at Davis Gallery, as well as several other galleries in the country.

The rules are that the recipient shares seven things he or she is passionate about, and passes the award to seven other deserving bloggers.

Seven of my passions in life:
1. My amazing husband, Ben.
2. Three inspiring girls I'm lucky enough to have as daughters.
3. My faith.
4. Painting, photography, being outside, and the weather.
5.   Texas.
6. My relationships with my girlfriends, whom I could not do without.
7. A clean house!

Seven artists to know and enjoy:


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Julie,

I'm so glad you got this award, because I would
have loved to give it to you too. Your work is just wonderful. The painting today is magnificent. I love the light.

I so enjoy reading your blog.

Take care,


Leslie Saeta said...

Thanks Julie! I love the colors in this painting and I think you have a real beauty here. You have captured an overcast day with some really beautiful colors.
You are sweet to include me and pass on the award. Thanks!

julie davis said...

Leslie and Barbara,

I was happy to pass it on to you both! You both inspire me!