Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Studying, studying

Live Oak Study, 6 x 8

This week has been filled with tree studies.  For those who don't paint, it may be impossible to relate, but the difficulty of getting the right green in the right amount in the right's made me want to pull my hair out over the course of the last several weeks as I've been doing more plein air painting.  I'm determined to get it, though, and feel like I've made progress.  

-julie davis


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Julie,

Oh I get it -- trees are so hard,
and what's just as important as where the green is, is where the green isn't and pieces of sky poke through. You've done a perfect job of it here. What we keep forgetting is that it isn't what we really see that matters, but what we make.
Thanks Skip Lawrence for that one.

Take care,


Peter Lee said...

Hi Julie,
Love your different green shades and purple hills in the back. And real nice brush strokes!
The only spot that I'm not sure about is that bright pinkish area right below the hills. It seems too intense and bright for something in that far distance.

julie davis said...

Thank you, Barbara, and I love the quote from Skip--that is true. I think today I've "unstuck" myself--or more accurately, Laurel Daniel did. I was somehow, and oddly for me, shying away from dark enough greens. So looking forward to getting it right.....

And Peter--you're totally right. Like a little bird on my shoulder identifying all the little things I notice as well. I think someday when I can take hours to paint I'll be able to take the time to process it all before I put it out there--but for now, I'm thrilled to get 45 minutes to finish a painting. I'm still learning so much, so your feedback is really appreciated!