Friday, April 24, 2009

At the WInery

Weisinger's Barn, 6 x 6

This is the barn on the property of Weisinger's Winery in Ashland, Oregon.  My mom married her childhood friend last summer, John Weisinger, founding owner of Weisinger's of Ashland. Check out his site--it's great wine--having a glass as I type--and the winery is in an absolutely lovely setting.  

-julie davis


Robin Roberts said...

i enjoyed your mini tree series. capturing the true essence trees is hard. I think you have done very well. I like the bold brush strokes. I saw Ashland on here and I thought maybe you were close. I am from Ashland too... Ashland, Ohio. Ha.

julie davis said...

Thanks, Robin. I love the idea that "every tree has its gesture," to quote Robert Henri. I think about that quite a lot, but lately have focused on getting the greens correct. I can't wait to get back to the gestures! I wonder how many "Ashlands" there are in the states?!

Sally Shisler......... said...

Very nice Julie! Love the reflected light on the carport ceiling (is that what they call that?)! Great palette!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

Wow!I love the story of your Mom, and the painting. I have visited the winery site already, and would love to go there when I'm a rich and famous artist. Thanks so much for telling me about your colours. I guess I meant everything that you do. As a portrait and still life painter in the main, I find landscape daunting. I'm sure it isn't, but you do it with such ease. Even when you say you agonize, the results are always just lovely. That impresses me.

Plus I'm excited to know your colour combinations. The colours
are not the same in acrylic (or don't end up looking as rich) but the challenges are the same. I am really, really grateful to you for your careful explanations. You are a super artist and a kind artist friend.


julie davis said...

Barbara, such kind words--talk about a great artist friend! You are! So, the other things I an artist, I am so "new" to this--two years...I've really only done still lifes and landscapes--landscapes are my first love, but I find them more challenging for so many reasons. I've also started a drawing class that I'm very excited about--I always drew as a child, and took drafting in high school, but went on to major in education in college and then went to law school. 13 years have gone by since I became a mom, and so my focus has been on my girls exclusively until now. That's why I'm painting at 6 am! Just squeezing it in when I can and hoping someday soon to have a "studio" to work from instead of cluttering up our kitchen!

Peter Lee said...

This one is really nice, Julie.
I like your brush stokes, and colors are really good. And I love the dark forest in the back. Nice composition too.

LSaeta said...

As always, I love your colors in this paiting. The orange in the front is so crisp and true. And the simplicity of this one makes it absolutely lovely!

Laurel Daniel said...

This looks like the coolest place - I want to go!!!! I love the way you got the light on the rooftop!