Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gray Days

Young Cypress, 6 x 6

When our plein air group met to paint yesterday, it was spitting rain and generally gray outside, one of those days when the shadows are hard to find and the value range is narrow. Since I'm on a tree binge, I parked myself right in front of this young cypress by the water.  I think I got a little fussy with it, but I at least wasn't ready to frisbee my canvas as I had been the week before!

-julie davis


Laurel Daniel said...

You really captured that moody sky and moist air... Cypress trees ARE kind of fussy and hard to simplify! You did a good job with the tight values!

And PS - your painting at the Wildflower Center looks GREAT!

Peter Lee said...

I really like the gray sky - it sets the mood for the painting. Have you noticed that trees look greener in gloomy days? Nicely done!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

This is lovely, and you caught the beauty that there can be in such a day! Nice job.

Trish Siegel said...

Never frisbee your canvas! You really captured how that morning felt. I love that light just above the horizon.

L.Holm said...

Doesn't look fussy in the least! Beautiful painting! Thanks for visiting my blog. It's allowed me to find your gorgeous work!

Chuck Dilmore said...

i have to say...
of all of your posted work,
this one speaks to me!

it's got a beautiful feel to it.
nice, nice going!


julie davis said...

Thanks, everyone. I love getting comments from you; as Liz said, it allows me to explore and find your work and blogs, which is always fun!