Monday, April 13, 2009

Salado Creek Rocks

Salado Creek Rocks, 12 x 12

It's been nice to have the time this weekend to do some "larger" work.  I've had time to think more about how I'm composing a piece, and to put some finishing touches on them.  I included the reference photo here, but I also used a piece I'd done on site as a reference for this one--just closed in on the rocks this time.  

The photo of this piece doesn't quite show all the colors I put into the rocks--warm pinks and yellows, blues and oranges.  I spent more time on the creek and greens, but the rocks were the fun part.  I think it ended up a little too green altogether, and my horizon line is too high and not dark enough, but when I stand back from this one, it seems to work, and becomes more abstract the closer I get.

Salado Creek, by the way, is in Salado, Texas (pronounced Sa-lay-dough).  Salado is a charming and artsy town between Austin and Waco, and Andreeva Academy is located there (where I took the Jill Carver workshop).

-julie davis


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Julie,

Ease up on yourself -- you're a wonderful painter and this is gorgeous.
Happy Easter.

Take care,

julie davis said...

Thanks, Barbara. It's no wonder you're a teacher--you always point out the positive and have a knack for inspiring others!!