Saturday, April 28, 2012


16 x 20 in.. oil on panel
donation to Wildflower Center Art Auction

I said I'd post this yesterday, and I'm a day behind--my apologies.  The Wildflower Center hosted a reception Thursday evening for all participating artists, an event I always enjoy.  I get to explore the walls of donated art, but more importantly, get to connect with artist friends I've come to know over the four years I've participated as a donor.  Local artists Chris DeDier, Lisa Beaman, Laurel Daniel, and Valerie Walden were all participating.  As much as painting has added to my life, the bigger bonus is the wonderful people I've come to have something in common with all over the country--and world, for whom I am so grateful.

-julie davis


Karla said...

A very beautiful donation Julie!

Barbara M. said...

Beautiful painting, and I feel the same way. So grateful for you our there in Texas. Imagine. I do.


Peter Lee said...

Nice work!
Love the colors.