Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh the Pain

Laguna Gloria, 6 x 8

I was fortunate to take a terrific plein air workshop this weekend (thank you to Ben and my girls for allowing me the time!) with Laurel Daniel at AMOA.  The weather was gorgeous (save for the crazy wind on Saturday that nearly blew us all away), and the locations were amazing. We painted on the Laguna Gloria campus of Austin Museum of Art, and at the home studio/property of Austin's Jennifer Myers, a fellow painter with a very successful floral design company.  I hadn't painted outside in a while, and the challenges it presented were daunting.  I painted this one at Laguna Gloria of the old estate home there--the building is beautiful--I didn't do it justice, but I tried!  I think with this composition, I should've cropped more to the right or left--it's too divided into halves, but I painted eight paintings in as many hours, so decision-making was fast and sometimes led to mistakes.   Regardless, I am ready to get back at it in class on Wednesday!

-julie davis


LSaeta said...

It is wonderful. I love the bright white on the side of the building. The painting really draws you in ... very nicely done.

julie davis said...

thank you, Leslie! I love the contrastbetween the light and shadows on buildings--fun to paint that level of contrast.

Laurel Daniel said...

You painted some great paintings over the weekend and I can't wait to see them all posted here. You really captured that intense afternoon light on the building here - that value shift in white is so tricky but you got it!