Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Familiar

The Inlet, 9 x 12

After my long weekend of painting, I came home and painted this "larger" one from a 6 x 8 I did the first day of the workshop.  This is a familiar site for me, as Laurel's plein air classes often start the "season" with this location, also at AMOA.  It's a little inlet off of Lake Austin, a really tranquil spot.  I'm more pleased with this one than the initial composition.

-julie davis


LSaeta said...

It is very soothing with gorgeous colors! Nicely done!

Laurel Daniel said...

Julie - Great as usual! I just gave you the "Passion for Painting" award! Check it my 3/1 blogpost for rules, and participate as you wish! I know you are headed out to the art mecca of Santa Fe... don't forget us while you're gone.

Kate said...

Love this! And it was great taking the wonderful "Laurel class" with you too.