Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek, 6 x 6

The last several days have been a scramble.   The girls have had tests, Ben has been swamped with work and, well, it's generally been busier than normal.  I did paint early this morning, and was pleased with my composition, but got carried away with the brush.  Having painted for two years, I find I still have days when I can't find my identity as a painter, my "handwriting." Today was one of those days.  Maybe I can attribute it to lack of sleep or distraction.  Probably! 


Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

Your own painting handwriting after two years? 1. You do have your own
"hand", signature, style -- whatever you want to call it. And 2. After two years that means it was just a tragedy you didn't start painting sooner. This is lovely. Boy mothers have a tough time seeing how great they are. Maybe that's fatigue. You're a great painter.

Take care,


Camille said...

Hi Julie:
I'm enjoying your little paintings so much. You are inspiring me to get to work on a daily basis -- although I know it won't be daily for me!
Keep it going -- you will be surprised at how much you grow. Even the masters didn't paint masterpieces every time!

julie davis said...

Camille, you're right--I expect to do something I love every time--that's nuts! Thanks for the positive feedback. It all helps!

Laurel Daniel said...

Julie, you have a wide assortment of delicious greens and those wonderful brushstrokes that could only be done by the one and only Julie Davis. Don't listen to that inner critic!