Monday, March 2, 2009

Nothing Comes Easy

The Escape, 6 x 8

Today was one of the frustrating days.  After two days of NOT painting, I was excited about getting back into it today.  The excitement subsided after wiping down my initial painting. With little time left to paint before the girls got home, I did a second, just to salvage my tattered self-confidence!  Unfortunately, I don't like this one much better, but am putting it here just to prove I painted today, and that painting, like anything worth doing, doesn't come easy.

-julie davis


Trish Siegel said...

Amen! Personally I think those grapes look good enough to eat.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

Way, way, way too hard on yourself. A gorgeous painting. You are so good. Too bad we can't internalize that message and hold it every time we paint. Inspired by you I'm trying to paint flowers one stroke at a time. Very hard.

Take care,


Laurel Daniel said...

Amen and amen... listen to Barbara M.! Those grapes are beautifully painted.