Sunday, October 7, 2012

In the Shadows

In the Shadows
12 x 9 in., oil on panel


The beautiful weather of the past week made for a near perfect first experience of a plein air painting competition for me.  I participated in the three-day Kerrville Outdoor Painters' Event (KOPE) in Kerrville, Texas.  The organizers arranged access to exceptionally paintable properties for the artists--I thoroughly enjoyed each minute, and finished with some strong paintings and some new artist friends, and reconnected with others I don't see often enough.  

This painting was my first of the event.  We painted on a ranch a few minutes from Kerrville that had numerous old structures--this was the old smokehouse.  

-julie davis

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Laurel Daniel said...

This is such a great painting... I love the way the fence leads in and the bold brushwork on the structures. What a fun time we had! :)