Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Evening Shadows

Evening Shadows
12 x 9 in., oil on panel

Some of the most fun I had painting last week at KOPE came while doing this piece.  I realize not everyone gets as excited as I do about trees.....but I really get a little geeked up on painting them. :)
I loved playing up the verticals (diagonals here, really) in the shadows and then up into the tree foliage. The shadows provided more entertainment for me, and I love an excuse to use darks in a painting.  So it was a virtual trifecta of fun.....and it sold during the Saturday night reception!  

-julie davis


Laurel Daniel said...

The darks are so compelling - deliciously subtle value shifts and great energy. And no wonder someone HAD to own it! Love!

Don Thacker said...

Excellent piece. It makes me want to go paint right now.

Kay said...

such a lovely painting! I love trees..something magical about them. Congrats on selling it