Monday, September 20, 2010

Value Study

Value Study, 9 x 12

My approach to this was backwards. I painted a full color version of this scene first, then realized that I hadn't pushed the values enough in it and decided to "go back" do a black and white value study to force myself to do push further. It made an impression on me. The tendency to hover in a few close values when painting in color just disappears when you're painting black and white--it clarifies the values like nothing else. Great exercise. Tomorrow's post will be the color version of this one (done pre-value study).

-julie davis


Caroline Bray Art said...

I'll be interested to see how this way of working turns out! :) Love the value study, sometimes I wish people would leave value studies as value studies and frame them, I find them endlessly appealing...

Amanda Jones said...

Looks great in black and white! can't wait to see the colour version. I agree there is nothing like this kind of value study to help identify the nuances of tone. It is an excellent exercise.