Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer Sky

Summer Sky, 9 x 12

On Thursday, Plein Air Austin met to paint at a legendary local BBQ restaurant in Driftwood, Texas called The Salt Lick. The owners have a decent amount of beautiful property that surrounds the actual restaurant. We painted away from the food, but were definitely near enough to smell it, which made us exceedingly hungry by noon.

I chose this scene because of the sky, and the intense contrast it provided with the golden fields. The clouds were big and puffy, leading to some much-needed rain later in the evening.

-julie davis


Don Thacker said...


I just discovered your blog via Marc Hanson's site. I really like your work. I used to live in Dallas and painted around the hill country, and your style works very well with the Texas terrain. Several of these pieces bring back some great memories.

- Don

carol morgan carmichael said...

Think that has got to be one of my favorites. I envy the way you can keep everything so simple yet beautiful. The colors work so nicely together.

Becky Joy said...

Nice little painting Julie. I know the Salt Lick, my son took me out there. Paintings are looking good.

julie davis said...

Thank you all!

Bridget Hunter said...

A lovely strong composition because of its simplicity and your colours are perfect for the scene.

Laurel Daniel said...

This turned out great - you really caught the day!!! XO