Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Grayscale Value Study 2

Grayscale Value Study 2, 9 x 12

As promised, here is another value study I did last week (this time in preparation for the color version). I was surprised at how much further (higher) I needed to push the ground plane value than my instincts told me. All a part of learning to see....

And the Weekend With the Masters was amazing! I can't wait to share what I learned and incorporate it. Just being immersed in the culture of the contemporary representational art world for a few days taught me more than I ever anticipated. More tomorrow--I hit the ground running today and will have time to write more then.

-julie davis


Anonymous said...


You did a really nice job with this value study. I like the brush strokes.

Claudia Finn said...

Wow I love this as it is, but I wondered if you are going to add glazes when it dries?

claire christinel said...

It's amazing how the lights just pop. I've never done a grey scale study before, just blocked in with a sepia underpainting. Thanks to you and Laurel for bringing this to my attention, I'm going to try it myself. Looking forward to hearing about your workshops, and thanks for sharing!