Monday, September 6, 2010

Low Country

Low Country, 6 x 8

On our way to Sedona this summer, my husband and I were caught in parking-lot traffic on the only interstate that ran from Phoenix north to Sedona. There had been a wreck, and we were stuck for several hours in roughly the same place near Anthem. So, naturally, I pulled out my sketchbook and camera and began to work. I had lots of time, and was really happy with the composition I came up with for the view we had of this river valley. This study is a very quick sketch of that pencil sketch, and I hope to paint it larger soon. I purposely kept it loose and let the Indian Red ground peek through.

-julie davis


Róisín O'Farrell said...

This one's gorgeous Julie. I love the subtle changes in tone and the lightness of touch. Beautiful

Angela Elledge said...

Beautiful! I think if you have to be stuck on an interstate with a sketchbook, on the way to Sedona is a great place to be.