Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You Give Me Fever

You Give Me Fever, 10 x 8

My husband came up with the title.....and it was clever enough that I finally had to cave in to the temptation to name a cedar painting something related to allergies. This again is at the top of Mt. Bonnell in Austin; a scraggly cedar, probably wind-worn and hail damaged at some point so high up on the edge of a cliff, but hanging in there nonetheless.

-julie davis


Barbara Muir said...

I love this one Julie,

I like hte pieces of rock that appear in the foreground. Love the blue and the fantastic energy in the tree.

Good title.

Happy New Year,

Kerri Settle said...

Love all those branches peeking through (and the title is great!)

Anita Tresslar said...

Your work has a nice loose feel to it. Just the right amount of detail.

Stephen Parker said...

This is gorgeous, Julie. I love the lack of horizon. It really says Mt. Bonnell to me.

Happy New Year,

Patricia Siegel said...

Beautiful, although these things cause me great distress here in Texas! Happy New Year!

Laurel Daniel said...

Oh, the dreaded pollens! Nice job making our #1 nemesis look picturesque and innocent! :)

Linny D. Vine said...

Lovely and loose! (Smiling about the title,too.)