Thursday, December 10, 2009


Intersection, 6 x 6

Trees can look so indecisive for a brief period in early winter, when some branches have foliage and others do not. This one was no exception. I'd like to explore painting bare branches on a larger canvas this winter -- it's a challenge to keep them looking elegant. Laurel Daniel painted a tree in this "transition" recently. It's beautiful. Check it out.

-julie davis


Nancy Merkle said...

This is a lovely painting with a comfortable looseness to it!

Laurel Daniel said...

Those pesky bare branches are sooooo tricky aren't they? I am with you, let's wrestle 'em to the ground this winter! Love this and thank you for your kind words!!!

becky joy said...

Very nice little painting. I've enjoyed looking at your art on your blog

Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

I'm sorry I haven't commented for a while and you've been doing beautiful work. I'm in Italy and can only get on the computer at an internet place. So...this is beautiful, and I know exactly what you mean. I'll write more when I get a chance.