Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Shortcut

The Shortcut, 16 x 20

This is the largest painting I have in my show at Wendow right now, and it's a piece that reflects where I am and want to go right now in size, style, and somewhat in palette. 7 more pieces sold yesterday, so it's been a good week.:)

-julie davis


Ann Rogers said...

Julie, congratulations on this beautiful showing at Wendow' a display and with so many sales! Great job!
It was a real treat meeting Laurel and Jill in Dallas this weekend. The show was fantastic and so well received.

julie davis said...

Ann, so glad you got to meet them both. I was so proud of Laurel for getting an honorable mention. Wish I could've gone in and met you!

Angela Elledge said...

Beautiful Julie and congratulations on the sales; very well deserved! What show in Dallas, can I still see it?

julie davis said...


The Outdoor Painters Society Plein Air 2009 Show. I'd guess it's still up at the Southwest Gallery. Laurel has 4 pieces in it.

Jane Schott said...

I am not surprised you have sold so many paintings, your work is wonderful.