Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lakeside Shed

Lakeside Shed, 8 x 6

Well this is #1 for 2010. I didn't post the last three I did in the business of the holidays, but I did make it to blog #200 (starting Feb. 28, 2009) on the 31st, New Year's Eve, no less. That was a momentous day, because it was also anniversary #17 for my husband and me. That night we hosted an annual dinner party for dear friends and their children to celebrate, so things stayed a bit crazy.

Settling back into routine, this is a small structure near Lake Austin that I dubbed a "shed" for lack of a better word. Back behind the trees is a short walk down to the lake.

-julie davis


Kerri Settle said...

Congratulations on celebrating your 17th anniversary!

Laurel Daniel said...

A great beginning!!! Congrats on reaching your goal in 2009 - YAY for you! There is no stopping you now.... to pure joy 2010!

Mitzi Easley said...

Congrats on #17 and #200, my friend. Well done on both counts. Your painting is just wonderful... I'm loving looking at mine every day! M

becky joy said...

Congratulations. I'm leaving tomorrow for OR, my parents 60th.
Anyway, this one is really nice. I love your brushwork in your paintings. You are good at laying it down and leaving it.

Barbara M. said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on post # 200, and this is another beauty.