Thursday, November 12, 2009

Canyon Path

Canyon Path, 8 x 10

Working with the same palette here of my black mix, cad yellow, and white. It works for the gray days or mornings when the light is not over the treetops yet. This path winds along Lost Creek here in Austin.

-julie davis


Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

another beautiful painting. I love the light sky and dark trees -- so evocative of this time of year.


Marie Theron said...

Lovely work and luscious textures, Julie. I do not have black paint, always feel a little scared of it, but you have mixed such succesful greens with it!

julie davis said...

Oh Marie, I don't use black, either. My "black mix" is a mix of alizarin crimson, raw umber, and ultramarine blue. It really leans closer to a very dark purple, depending on the amounts of each you mix. But it serves the purpose of a black while being a bit more flexible.

Stephen Parker said...

Great job, Julie. Wonderful composition, and you managed to make mixed black, yellow and white quite a versatile pallet. Really nice.

becky joy said...

Wonderful composition and color.