Monday, November 16, 2009

A Clear Path

A Clear Path, 8 x 10
One of my daughters and I just returned from spending the weekend in NYC, and I didn't have much time to paint today for hitting the ground running, so I grabbed a photo I've used many times and decided to try more muted tones than I've used for it in the past. One thing I'm definitely accomplishing this fall is painting "larger", faster (as in 8 x 10 is larger than 6 x 8). :) I'm still taking about an hour. The real fun is getting to paint for several hours--rare, but so much fun.

-julie davis


LSaeta said...

And I thought I painted fast! That is amazing that you can finish an 8" x 10" in an hour. I am jealous. Loe the muted colors in this one.

Barbara M. said...

This is gorgeous. The only time I time myself is at class, when I know what time I arrive, and when I leave
because there's a big clock in the room. But in a busy life it's great
to be able to paint quickly. (I can hear the great masters disagreeing violently. Let them!)