Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Value Chart, 3rd post

Value Chart, 3rd exercise

This morning's challenge was with cad yellow and indigo (mixed from ultramarine blue and cad red). The three top colors are 1) mostly indigo with a bit of yellow (adding white as I went down the column), 2) about an equal mix of each (again, adding increasing amounts of white all the way down), and 3) mostly yellow with a bit of indigo (you know the drill).

I may try this exercise again someday soon, but using different scenes--the change may be helpful--getting a little used to this one.

-julie davis

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Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

I love what you're doing with this, and your dedication. The paintings are all glorious. I would go 100% mad doing that exercise. When we had to do them in art college, I quit and got an English Lit degree instead. Kidding. But I did quit. And get an English Lit degree. It wasn't really the value exercises. My rebellion against analysis probably shows in my work. Oh well. I say good for you.
These are super, you're making me think I should give the charts a whirl.