Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Winter Reserve

Winter Reserve, 6 x 8

A lesson for us all--planning ahead. As hot as it is right now, it's hard to imagine winter, but ranchers have to plan ahead, and storing hay to last through the winter is part of that. This is a view from Highway 16 south out of Fredericksburg out into the hills.

-julie davis


Angela Elledge said...

Beautiful painting!

This is going to sound so totally weird and random, but right about twilight tonight I had to run a quick errand to pick up pictures for tomorrow's paintings. As I was waiting to leave the parking lot, I was looking at the trees ahead of me, they were silhouetted against a beautiful lavender blue sky, anyway you popped into my head. It looked like your skies and your special treatment of sky holes and the way you handle the edges of tree foliage against the sky...I told you this was random :-)

julie davis said...

Angela, that's so kind! I love that you'd think of me while looking at something that was surely lovely. I can't hope to match it, but if I can get the essence of it, then I'm succeeding. Thank you!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

Gorgeous painting. In Nova Scotia where we're heading soon, they store the hay in white plastic sleeves around the rolls. This looks much more pastoral.