Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Grapes

Summer Grapes, 6 x 8
I've missed a few days--it's been difficult not to paint, but my husband and I took off for cooler weather after dropping the kids at camp and enjoyed a long weekend where folks actually thought 85 was hot! Ha!

So I painted this one before we left--same as the last piece but in a 6 x 8 format vs. square. I'm very much looking forward to diving into painting with the Ashland show in mind over the next two weeks. I'll be taking some of my studies larger, and won't be posting as many for sale because I'll need them for the winery show , but if you're interested in a particular piece, please email me. This Thursday (5-7) is the opening reception for Plein Air Austin's annual show--stop by if you live here--over 100 pieces of art by Austin plein air artists will be up.

And to Mitzi who asked where to find the "poachpod" I talked about in my last post...I found them locally at Zinger hardware on Anderson Lane; I thought the poachpod people would have a website I could refer to, but I couldn't find one!

-julie davis


LSaeta said...

I love the composition of this painting - your perspective is great! And the greens are so warm and wonderful!

John Weisinger said...

Hey Girl,I have missed hearing from you via your paintings! I hope you all had a great time in the cooler wx.

I love the vibrant colors you have brought into the earth and shadows of this painting.


Laurel Daniel said...

This will be a favorite in the winery show - that vineyard must be a beautiful place! Glad you are back!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

I am way behind, I'm sorry. This is spectacular.