Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Uninterrupted, 6 x 8

Being a West Texas girl originally, I fell in love long ago with the uninterrupted view.  Those of you who think areas outside of Lubbock are beautiful will understand!  Technically, this one IS interrupted, by the hills, something one definitely does not see in most of West Texas, but it appeals to me nonetheless.

-julie davis


Laurel Daniel said...

Those childhood impressions leave a deep mark on us, don't they? Beautiful, as always. The purple in the distance with the yellow foreground is so pleasing!!

Ann Rogers said...

As always, a delight to see your newest post! Love the Hill Country and it's always one of our favorite trips. I have enjoyed your blog and have just left a Kreative Blogger Award for you on my site.

John Weisinger said...

Morning Mrs. Davis. I like the look of the space as well. I especially like the mountains in the distance. For some reason, mountains appeal to me. They seem like stepping stones to the heavans.


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Wow! Your landscapes are wonderful...I found my way here through Ann Rogers blog...thanks Ann!

julie davis said...

Thanks to all, and thank you, Ann, for the Kreative Blogger Award! I try.....:)