Friday, May 15, 2009

Old Barn

Old Barn, 6 x 8

I love the way some of the old barns of Texas are tucked away into the surrounding foliage. There are so many that are out of use now, but their past is evident, and I find myself imagining what they were like in their prime and who used them.  This is one of many along the route between Austin and Houston.

-julie davis


Denise R said...

Oh goodness! I love old barns too! I was taking photos of some yesterday in Arkansas. I also wonder about their pasts when I see them. This is awesome as usual, Julie!

Laurel Daniel said...

Julie, that barn is full of tales no doubt! Your roof highlight (with that hint of rusting metal) is the perfect value and the warmth and color in the foreground draws the eye right in! SO FAB!

Trish Siegel said...

Everything about this painting is right on, the composition, the simplified forms of the trees, the reflective quality of the roof, I could go on... Well done, Julie!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Gorgeous brush strokes make this such a soft, lovely painting!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

I opened your blog and said Mmmm as in isn't this just a perfect painting.
Just lovely. What's strange is that this could be an Ontario scene too.

So gorgeous. And those trees-- amazing brushstrokes and light.


John Weisinger said...

I like this one a lot! I think it is the rust on the roof and the balance that seems to exist all the way across the painting. By that I mean, my eye seems to flow back and forth over the barn and does not just stop there but goes to the outer limits of the painting.

Give the girls a hug for me.


L.Holm said...

Beautiful, Julie! I love the rich color of the foreground, too. Sets off the rest of the scene, and is so inviting.

Camille LaRue Olsen said...

I am enjoying your work so much, Julie! You inspire me. This one is no exception, it has such a great balance of so many important elements.

LSaeta said...

This is so well done and I can tell you were probably thrilled as you were painting it. I really like the composiiton and the colors are so warm ... absolutely stunning!

julie davis said...

Thank you all! I was actually not that pleased with this one from the start, but I think because I wanted more space to develop what was there. My tree addiction lately has kept me wanting to get into each tree and tell its story, but I couldn't at all here. I do like it, though, and thank you all for always putting forth such gracious and thoughtful comments!

Victor Errington said...

Julie,this is another brilliant
painting of yours.Thank you for
sharing.The other reason I am
making a comment is that earlier
on your Blog, I made a silly mistake
in calling you Laural.At the time I
was thinmking of your friend Laural
Daniel.Please forgive me.All the

julie davis said...

Victor, thank you. No need to forgive, that is a HUGE compliment!