Monday, May 25, 2009

Still Creek

Still Creek, 5 x 7

We're getting so close to the end of school--I told a friend I needed the three day weekend just to make it through the last four days of the schoolyear!  This Memorial Day seemed more of an opportunity to catch our collective breath in our family, as well as to reflect on all the sacrifices that have been and continue to be made for our freedoms.

I DID actually paint every day of the last weekend (except last Thursday), but I just couldn't bring myself to the computer.  I took a break to catch my breath.  Thanks to each one of you who has commented in the meantime--I passed along the Kreative Blogger Award and then went radio-silent.  I hope you know I'm still reading and smiling when I get your comments.  

I painted this today from a photo I took last week at Bull Creek here in Austin.  It's another view of the rock-bottomed creek--such a beautiful spot where people bring their dogs to play in the water.  

-julie davis


Barbara M. said...

Wow Julie,

I looked at this and was so entranced by your brushstrokes -- so happy and free. What a lovely image, a holiday for the eyes. I'm so glad you had some time off with your family. I like the term radio-silent. We need that sometimes.

Thanks again for the award. You are
just wonderful.


Erik said...

Very nice, I like the orangy red showing through the trees.

LSaeta said...

This painting is so well done! I know what you mean about the crazy end of school days ... I am trying to survive as well. Sounds like you painted more than I did last week. Love this painting.

Pam Holnback said...

This piece is great. I really like the creek and banks, especially the layers of rocks on the far bank.

Victor Errington said...

Julie,this is what Impressionism
is all about,beautiful paintings
like this one.Keep them coming