Friday, May 8, 2009


Sentry, 6 x 8

This giant was one at Emma Long Park in Austin where a small group of us (some of Laurel Daniel's former Spring plein air class) met to continue our Wednesday painting.  We missed having Laurel there, and attempted our own analysis of paintings we'd brought, but it wasn't the same.  I was surrounded by trees, though, and since I'm focused on those right now, that was good!  

-julie davis


LSaeta said...

Very well done! You keep reminding me that I need to practice painting trees! Hopefully this weekend ...

tonypetersart said...

Hey Julie, I like the simplicity of your piece, very nice.

John Weisinger said...

I like this old tree. I also like the gestalt that this painting offers. I can see an old fence or I can see a small stream on the left or another fence in front of the tree. Each viewer may see something different.

Nicely done my dear!


LSaeta said...

Congrats! I was thriled tosee you mentioned in Tony Moffitt's blog as one of the top 10 blogs to visit this week! Very well deserved.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

This is great. I especially love the
wild abstract quality of the top of the tree -- it feels like the tree is
doing what trees do -- exploding in growth right in front of our eyes.

Happy Mother's Day to you -- I'm sure you're a wonderful one.


Jill Stefani Wagner said...

Beautiful work Julie. Very fresh and vibrant with such strong, painterly strokes. Nicely done.

Peter Lee said...

Really nice, Julie!
Your trees are getting better and better. I love the way you spread out tree branches and their leaves - just right portions! And the little path beside the tree is so neat.
Lovely painting!

julie davis said...

I was excited to see my blog on Tony Moffitt's list as well, Leslie! It's a very helpful site, I'm finding, and a great resource for finding other excellent artists, too.

I do think my trees are finally developing the way I want them to--what is it they say about practice? :)