Monday, May 18, 2015

Morning by the River

Morning by the River
6 x 8 in., oil on linen panel

I had a few minutes Saturday morning to play with a photo I'd taken years ago in a park here in Austin. I love the light in it, and though I painted this same view back in 2010 when I'd been painting just a couple of years, I felt enough time had passed that another attempt would be free from any vivid memories of the first try. Not that the first try was a bad memory at all, I just wanted it to feel more like a case of first impression.  And thankfully, it did. :)

-julie davis



jill said...

Lovely work Julie. Inspiring.

Bruce Bingham said...

Isn't it great to see improvement?! They are both nice paintings but it's obvious that your technique has evolved don't you think? Thanks for showing both paintings!

julie davis said...

Absolutely. It's an interesting study to do the same scene again. I just always want the second freed from the impressions of the first--at least at this point in my career, as most of the ones I'd go back to were done so early on.