Monday, May 4, 2015

Red Trailer

Red Trailer
6 x 8 in., oil on panel

Sorry I've been posting inconsistently lately. Spring for students is as busy as Christmas is for adults, and therefore it's busy for mothers of students, too. I spent most of last week on the road to a golf tournament in Houston to watch our girls play and in Waco helping our eldest move some things out of her dorm before the end of the year (and taking our middle daughter on a college tour).  Luckily, the latter two were on the same campus. :) So I haven't pushed much paint consistently in the last month, but I did get to a small piece today.  I really love the energy of line, and I got to play with that a bit in this one.

-julie davis

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Barbara Muir said...

Glorious. Spring is a busy time for mothers -- you are right. And for artists. I'm always delighted to see your work. This is wonderful.