Monday, July 11, 2011

Study 2

Study 2, 8 x 6 in.

Yesterday we watched Scott do a large demo--actually, he worked on two large pieces, so we didn't paint until late--and on our own time. We'll just say that after two days of taking in information and trying to process it all, the painting I did was an odd combination of everything I'd been hearing mixed up and spat upon a canvas. I lost me in there somewhere, but thankfully, today I came back, having distilled some of what I'm learning.

This is the second study I did today--I would've posted them in chronological order, but this one was in front in my little stand and I'm hurrying to meet new friends for dinner! I'm loving these trees--all of them--the pines, the cottonwood, the aspens....but I love darks, and I had a ball with this.

You might check out Scott's studio blog, a thoughtfully written and full-of-good-insights weekly post called "Flow," written by one of Scott's right hands, Kathy--you'll see me painting. :)

-julie davis


Denise Rose said...

This looks great Julie! Can't wait to hear all about your workshop. I know you are enjoying your time there immersed in painting with a wonderful artist! And the meeting new friends part is always a favorite thing of mine when I attend workshops. Enjoy! said...

Hey Julie! Delighted to have found you here. I'll look forward to a daily dose of you with my morning coffee.
Happy painting today!

David Boyd, Jr said...

scott touched your work today... pretty cool!

Barbara M. said...

Beautiful Julie,

Which one is you in the studio blog?

I did go there. Lovely painting.