Monday, February 21, 2011

Yellow Farmer's Stand - study

Yellow Farmer's Stand - study, 6 x 8

Each time we go to our place in Hunt, we pass this little yellow farmer's stand. I've never seen it open for business, but there are clearly some well-kept gardens behind the fence.

This was a super-fast sketch of this subject on a gray day--I definitely didn't refine this--just looking for composition and values- not sure I nailed either!

-julie davis


Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

It's so great how the blue of the highway and path compliments the yellow farm stand.

Great painting.

Karen Bruson said...

Nice composition. I like how the blue in the road balances with the sky. Does that make sense?

Kerri Settle said...

The values are wonderful - I love the dark line of distant hills against the sky and land. It all works!