Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sketch 3

Sketch 3, 8 x 6

A bit out of order, but here nonetheless, the third "sketch" I made last week on the large panel. Unlike the first two, I haven't painted this one larger yet, and am still debating.

For all my Northeast and Canadian friends out there--brrrrrr!!! Our gorgeous weather is gone and it will be 16 degrees F tonight with a wind chill of 3 or something Wednesday morning. For here, that's really cold. Actually having to wear a real coat!

-julie davis


Bridget Hunter said...

I love this sketch! Its so powerful - composition and tones. Personally I don't think it needs translated into paint. Its quite stunning as it is.

Catherine Jeffrey said...

This is a great sketch and I hope you turn in into a painting. I like the looseness and the road leading the eye in. It seems well balanced as well.
Thanks for thinking of us Canadians. Nice to know you guys are suffering just a litte too :-)