Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ocean Overlook

Ocean Overlook, 6 x 8
donation, Trinity Valley School, Ft. Worth, TX

In Frank Serrano's workshop at Weekend with the Masters, we painted on an overlook above Doheny State Beach, where a surfing competition was taking place. First lesson, simplify what you see.....therefore you see no surfers here. :) Frank Serrano is a fine painter and a relaxed teacher, and made the most of our day, keeping those of us who could stay later than required for an extra demo.

Judging the mass of color for the distant hills was much of our lesson in the morning. His demo was of this scene as well. He stressed constantly comparing colors and values--squinting to see the average color of each mass, opening your eyes to compare values. Getting the proper relationships between the three rows of hills wasn't as easy as it he made it look, but I think I got close.

-julie davis


Linda Popple said...

Beautiful greens and blues. Your distant hills are nicely done and I like your simplification. It's a very nice painting!

Barbara M. said...

How wonderful Julie,

I just love this painting. It says California to me, and it says Julie in California. Love it.


Bev Boren said...

WOW Julie, great painting. Really loving your work!

Bev Boren said...

WOW Julie, great painting. Loving your work!

Stephen Parker said...

Very cool, Julie. As soon as I opened the email and saw the picture, I thought of Serrano. Another great job with your pallet knife, too.