Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Field Guides

Field Guides, 9 x 12

These trees are down in a valley in Ashland, Oregon below Weisinger's Winery. Every time I'm there I am so drawn to them, and how they're beautifully backlit by the sun. I'm hoping to do this one larger and work on the composition to some extent, but I really enjoyed this one.

-julie davis


Tilen's artplanet said...

love the texture of the shadow, always more dramatic with backlit by the sun, nice painting!

claire christinel said...

Julie you handled the back lighting of the trees beautifully, and I love the edges in your distant mountains.

Anonymous said...

Julie...this is a lovely painting and can see why you are drawn to the scene. Would love to see this on larger format too!

Kelley Sanford said...

Julie, I really like this painting and the colors in the distant mountain/trees are wonderful.

geraldo roberto da silva said...

Nice painting! Sensitive!