Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hidden Barn

Hidden Barn, 6 x 6

Another jump in the palette knife direction. I pulled this together this morning before I had some house guests. Besides the texture, another quality I enjoy about palette knife painting is that it seems to come together more quickly for me--at least with the small sizes. It's almost like laying or blocking in the main values in a painting, and then being finished. You cannot fuss with it. I like how this one came out.

The house guests I mentioned were some dear friends who have a monthly or "as needed" Friday tradition of hitting the latest art exhibits in town and doing lunch: Jane Hill, Mitzi Easley, and Gayle Roche. (Today was an exception being Wednesday, but what the heck.) They were kind enough to put my studio on their list for a stop on their tour, and we had a great morning here at the house. Thanks, friends!

-julie davis


Kay said...

You seem to be doing very well with the palette knife. It is fun to have art friends come around.

Bridget Hunter said...

A joy to look at this painting. I like palette knife too but mostly in the foreground as i feel i get too fussy otherwise. I also use household big brushes at times!

Ann Rogers said...

Wow, Julie, the palette knife is taking you in a whole new direction. A very abstract approach, love the new look!

Angela Elledge said...

Julie, I'm so behind in my blogging, but I have been enjoying your beautiful paintings, just have not taken the time to comment. I agree with Ann, love this new direction!

Barbara M. said...

I love the painting, so glad it sold.

I love how you're experimenting and the thick paint inspires me.

Great job.