Sunday, May 23, 2010

Along the Creek

Along the Creek, 8 x 10

Our Wednesday painting group met at Bull Creek again last week. It's always amazing to me how many people are walking dogs, taking a stroll, and just enjoying the weather on any given weekday there. As one young man said to me as he paused on his walk, "That's what I love about Austin--you see people painting outside on a random just don't see that everywhere."

-julie davis


Linda Popple said...

Love your greens and composition! Very nice, Juiie!

Kay said...

probably because it isn't snowing in Austin like it is right now in Utah!!!!!Beautiful painting

Marie Theron said...

How amazing to live in a place where painting is such a natural act and so many people are doing it!Lovely brushwork, Julie!

Laurel Daniel said...

It's fun to see a little smidge of home! I love the color in this one - really love that pink limestone!!!!

Kirby said...

The distant hill there really makes this painting a pleasure to look at. The foreground is icing on the cake.