Sunday, April 18, 2010

Up the Road

Up the Road, 12 x 10

Apologies for the resolution on this one--I'll try to retake tomorrow--if you can see lines on the painting, let me know. I can here, but not in my photo file, so it's that mysterious photo gremlin at work, I guess.

Our local plein air group met last Thursday at a beautiful location in Lockhart- so many opportunities for inspiration. This road led in and out of the property. The weather that day was overcast and windy, and a bit wet, but I took reference photos--this is from one. I upped the sun factor, we'll say. The piece I painted on location, more representative of the weather, will post tomorrow.

-julie davis


Linda said...

The photo gremlin didn't enter my computer! Your painting looks great. Beautiful greens and touches of blue - bluebonnets? Very nice!

Ann Rogers said...

Your lead in to the painting is very inviting, along with a few bluebonnets peeking in the scene as well. Looking forward to a couple of days down your way and hoping to catch a view of lots of bluebonnet fields.

Kay said...

makes me want to go for a nice leisurely walk! Nice work

Kerri Settle said...

Great Springtime feel, Julie! I love the handling of all the different greens.

Lori Bonanni said...

Beautiful! I really like the vertical format as it really draws you in to the painting.