Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sideways, 6 x 6

This composition created itself as I set it up. Just a little off, this clementine is. The others are wondering what in the heck it's up to.

-julie davis


Marie Theron said...

Hi Julie, thank you for the award! There was quite a bit of work to do. The pic on my right-hand column links to your site. Hope you get new visitors!

Barbara M. said...

Right. The other clementines are saying "get it together!" A beautiful painting -- confident, direct, and


Joshua Kadtke said...

Hey Julie, love your work. I've followed for awhile now. I see you've already been tagged with the SA but I thought I'd let you know I included you in my top 12!

Kathleen Weber said...

Lovely work, Julie. I particularly like your landscapes.