Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Substitute

Houses On the Park, 12 x 12

This marks my 15th straight day of painting! I didn't paint this one today, because by the time I got around to painting, it was dark, and I couldn't photograph what I'd painted, so I've tossed in one from this summer (I'll get today's on the blog tomorrow). I painted this last summer on our vacation in Watercolor, Florida, from our 2nd story porch that overlooked a park. The park is a gathering place for kids playing soccer, tag, looking for frogs, you name it. Watercolor is mainly a beach retreat, but backs to a beautiful little lake, so between the park, the beach, and the lake, I had plenty to paint!

-julie davis

1 comment:

John Weisinger said...

I like the contrast of the dark greens and the light blues!

Have a good one.